Is wearing high heel pumps a female mating strategy? Revisiting the original analysis using qualitative methods

Is wearing high heel pumps a female mating strategy? Revisiting the original analysis using qualitative methods

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The fresh new datasets shown in this post commonly readily available because the off ethical and you will confidentiality constraints. Requests to view the fresh new datasets shall be led towards the associated author.


Brand new 2020 analysis called ‘Using high heel pumps since ladies mating strategy’ by Pavol Prokop and you can Jana Svancarova said whenever lady dreamed a discussion with an enthusiastic attractive men, its preference to possess high heel shoes steeply enhanced, compared to a detected interaction having an unattractive male. The new experts determined that putting on high heel pumps be seemingly a beneficial type of sexual signaling of the girls when you look at the intersexual affairs. The current paper revisits this research by way of a psychological perspective, in lieu of a biological one to. Along with suggesting hypothetical matchmaking scenarios, such as the initial analysis, we in addition to requested players regarding how it went on the getting ready to be on a night out together, the necessity of relationships on them, as well as their considering trailing opting for type of attire getting a date. I used ten focus teams (N = 50), hiring regarding the same attempt away from participants to the people regarding modern data. For the investigation i observed standards away from Thematic Research to identify the main templates on narratives associated with relationship and you may beautification. We and additionally made use of the pictures elicitation methodology to observe just what footwear all of our people very own. The study translation from all of these a couple source implies that women have a tendency to find schedules because societal occurrences never causing sex; which they don’t regard high heel pumps as a means away from beautification; and they grab membership out-of standard considerations whenever bringing outfitted right up to have a night out together. Also, women commonly explore beautification that have alerting. We stop that relationships amongst the habit of have fun with beautification and beauty of a potential romantic partner try far from easy; and you may depending on digital responses in order to hypothetical issues does not bring persuading evidence.


Within their paper, Prokop and you will Svancarova (2020) claim that dressed in high heels works since a type of sexual signaling by the ladies in intersexual relations. They observed that in case lady professionals envisioned a relationships with an enthusiastic glamorous men, their liking to have be2 high heel pumps steeply improved. Although not, the analysis construction is dependant on users picturing that have a connection having one of two some other photos (attractive/ugly mele) and opting for 1 of 2 categories of boot (just like the shown to your a photos (high heel shoes and you will reasonable pumps). All of our research was created to open up solution factors, centered on emotional, as opposed to physiological tips. I utilized qualitative answers to mention just how women consider relationship situations, that have focusing specifically to the templates on the trend off beautification. All of our intent were to explore the newest narratives out-of equivalent young women (N = 21 many years, SD = cuatro.67 about unique analysis) that interact with relationships and beautification. Our aim was to acquire higher information beyond the simple forced choices response used in the initial research.

The brand new theoretical foundation of the original report (Prokop and Svancarova, 2020) is dependant on the newest premises one “individual females put money into little ones over guys” (supported by recommendations to Eibl-Eibesfeldt, 1989; Hewlett, 1992; Geary, 2000) and you will “people guys, as well, save money time caring for its kiddies than just people off very nearly any other mammals” (Bjorklund and Shackelford, 1999; Places, 2010). Based on this type of present, adult capital comprises a foundation to own girls battle over a possible sexual spouse. A good way for women to achieve this based on Prokop and you will Svancarova (2020) try beautification, given that exemplified by putting on high heels. The newest adult investment theory (Trivers, 1972) have but not, started many times slammed by psychologists towards the several grounds. Buss (1994) states that individuals reveal an extraordinary measure of advancement whether it relates to its reproduction strategies. An example ‘s the make of just one a lot of time-identity relationship with several concurring extra-marital activities. His studies associated with 10,047 participants off 37 cultures (Buss, 1989, 1994) provides evidence that ladies favor their potential partner based on the prospective accessibility of men to tips and their willingness to express these information, in addition to their power to privately protect the family and you may facets such compatibility of the expectations and you can viewpoints. Most importantly, the fresh new writers demonstrate that intimate tips in the humans could be cutting-edge and you may multi-faceted.

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