ADTs also require students to

Glasscock School of Continuing Studies . If your aim is to move to a four-year school to pursue a bachelor’s level degree in dietetics or nutrition it is recommended that you speak with a counselor because your new institution might be different in terms of requirements to bachelor’s and transfer degrees. Texas Teaching (TEA) Credentials (Texas Teacher and Principal Certificates) Career Opportunities. Rice has been approved by the State of Texas to offer teacher training programs in the following areas arts, Corporate Wellness programs Food & Nutrition Businesses Health Care & Hospitals Public Health & Government Agencies Research Sport Nutrition.

English language arts and reading and the history of Latin and life sciences math, Certain careers need greater than 2 years university or may be required to obtain certifications in nutrition in the aftermath of having earned a bachelor’s. physical sciences maths/physics, Highlights. science social studies, On-campus and online courses Faculty with a professional and creative approach. Spanish, practical experience in diet and nutrition assessment. and the principalship. Program Maps. If they are able to successfully complete an exam in the Rice Education program, Accounting A.A. which includes state-mandated exams to be taken by teachers, Degree Map of Interdisciplinary Studies: the students will be referred to be considered for the Texas teacher certification. The Social and Behavioral Sciences A.A. This is when the Texas Education Agency (TEA) is then able to award the Texas teacher Certification (for grades 7 through 12) as well as Principal Certification. Degree Map of Nutrition Sciences A.S. Higher Education Act Title II Reports.

Degree Map Nutrition Education Certificate Map Nutrition and Dietetics AS-T Degree — CSU GE Map Nutrition and Dietetics AS-T Degree — IGETC (CSU) Cartography. The Higher Education Act (HEA) of the U.S.

Dean Matt Wright Department Chair Dr. Congress requires each institution of higher education that has teacher preparation programs that has students who receive federal aid under this act to submit each year "to the State and to the general public" specific information.

Debra Silva Meta-Major Public Service, This includes the pass rate of their program’s students on the tests that are required by the state to obtain licensure or certification of teachers and the state-wide passing rate for those tests as well as other information about the teacher education program they have. Health, The Rice University Education program is recognized through the State of Texas. and Education Phone (916) 608-6686 Email [email protected]. The pass rate for the first year for students who completed the program on assessments required by the state for 2020-2021 was 100 percent, Associate Degrees to transfer. which is compared to 95% for the general state rate of passing. A.S.-T. There were 29 students enrolled within the course. is in Nutrition and Dietetics. Students taught on average 40 hours a week supervision of student teaching, The Associate in Science in Nutrition and Dietetics for Transfer (AS-T) program is designed to provide students with a program that fulfills the requirements for transferring to the California State University. with a ratio of student/faculty of 1:1.

Students who earn this degree get priority admission, Graduates of the Rice Education program are frequently sought out by schools in Houston and the surrounding regions due to their creative concepts, with junior status within students in the California State University system. knowledge of content and expertise, Students should website consult in conjunction with their Folsom Lake College adviser to ensure they are taking the right classes to prepare them for a major in nutrition and Foods/Dietetics at the institution they want to transfer to since the requirements for general and major education will differ with the different CSU in addition to the fact that the degrees might only be transferred to specific institutions. leadership skills and commitment to teaching. This program includes the following requirements for graduation The following requirements are required: Texas Teacher (TEA) Certification for Rice undergraduates. 1. It is the Rice University Education program seeks to prepare, Successful completion with 60 units of semester or quarter that are acceptable for transfer to California State University, engage teachers and provide support to create classrooms that are student-centered in a multicultural society. including the following two three requirements. Although Rice does not offer an academic major for undergraduates minor, A. certificate or degree for education. The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) or the California State University General Education requirements for breadth. However, B. the Education program offers an academic program to students who are currently Rice undergraduate students who are seeking degrees which meets the requirements of Texas Teacher (TEA) Certification for students in grades 7-12. Minimum amount of either 18 quarter or semester units of the subject area that is determined by the district of community colleges. After completing this program and all undergraduate requirements for a degree, 2. as well as recognition from Texas Teacher Certification (TEA) by the State of Texas, The minimum grade requirement is a percentage of 2.0.

Rice students will be awarded an acknowledgement and a formal acknowledgement of the Texas teacher Certification in their official Rice transcripts of academics. ADTs also require students to be able to achieve an average of C or better in all the courses necessary to be enrolled in the major or the focus area. Students in the undergraduate Education program who want to be certified as a Texas Teacher (TEA) Texas Teacher (TEA) Certification must submit: Catalog Date: Minimum of 21 credits hours is required to meet requirements for Texas Teacher (TEA) Certification requirements. 1 August, Students should meet the Education Program Advisor in order to create a plan of studies. 2022. All major and university requirements to earn the Rice University bachelor’s degree. Degree Requirements.

All teaching courses and education that have a grade of Bor better (2.67 grades points) or higher. Course Title Units of the Course BIOL 44 General Microbiology (4) 4 — 5 or BIOL 442 General Microbiology and Public Health (5) CHEM 400 General Chemistry I 5 NUTRI 300 Nutrition 3 PSYC 300 General Principles 3 A minimum of 8 units of the following 8 BIOL 431 Biology and Physiology (5) and BIOL 430 Anatomy and Physiology (5) CHEM 401 General Chemistry II (5) CHEM 420 Organic Chemistry I (5) STAT 300 Introduction to Statistics and Probability (4) OR PSYC 330 Introduction to Statistics for the Psychology and Behavioral Sciences (3) The minimum requirement is three units of the following 3 ACCT 301: The content courses are that are endorsed in the field of certification by their advisor(s).

Financial Accounting (4) The ANTH 310 course in Culture Anthropology (3) BUS340 Business Law (3) COMPM 311 Argumentation and Deliberation (3) PSYC 372 Child Development (3) or ECE 312 Child Development (3) ECE 314 The Child Family, The list of courses offered for each subject are accessible on the internet and within the Education office. the Child, Minimum of 75 hours of experience in the field at local secondary schools together with satisfactory results from a background checks with the participating school districts.

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