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this is a costum video; the request is this one: Have you hi top sneakers? Could you do one wetting video where you wearing jeans and sneakers bare feet and wetting them really wet? After wetting you take sneakers off and show how wet them are and then put them back your feet.I hope you wetting your jeans and sneakers really wet! And don’t wear socks! Move your feet in and out in the sneakers!!

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Short ‘n Sweet… A sticky peek at the anal flower. Warning: If you’re not a fan of the flower, this may make you feel faint.

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MMMmmm nothing quite like that cold, white silky liquid running all over my silken body. Like a waterfall of cream running over every peak and into every crevice. Such a creamy messy for some lucky minion to lick clean … (2016

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You’ve assumed the position as you were told and you are eagerly awaiting my command that will allow you to worship the feet you’re so obsessed with. While you eagerly await my orders I find pleasure in testing you and teasing you into fucking up, so that I can punish you. I put you through an agonizing 5 minutes before I even give you the command to worship my feet, that’s if I ever do; guess you’re just going to have to buy the clip and see won’t you

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I start blowing up a large orange balloon for an office party. I don’t realize how much lung power it is going to take, so once I get started I put up my feet (showing off my heels and strong, pantyhose-clad legs). I blow and blow but still it isn’t anywhere near full. I squeeze it between my thighs to test for firmness and fullness, and feel an interesting sensation. I didn’t wear any panties to work today and the feeling of the soft balloon between my legs starts to arouse me. I slip my hand under my pantyhose and feel how wet my pussy has become. I continue to inflate it, but play with myself at the same time. The more I blow and the bigger it gets, the wetter I become! I get carried away blowing and blowing and playing, until it pops suddenly in my face. The shock turns me on tremendously and I reach for the scraps of rubber that was the huge balloon. It is large and wet with saliva. I look at it, then get an idea. I rub the soft, wet rubber on the crotch of my pantyhose, and then stand up and pull it between my legs, rubbing hard until I cum. The sensation was amazing! I feel embarrassed afterwards and throw out the scrap of rubber, hoping no one in the office heard me. Perhaps I have a new fetish?

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This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at emmasecretmln@) or send me a PM) We see you through a crack in the door of your bedroom. You’ve just come home from school and are stripping off your clothes. In your cute bra and panties, you sit down and begin to run your hands over your body. While we watch from the door you begin to rub yourself through your underwear. And then you notice that someone is at the door, your Dad, and he has his cock out, masturbating to the sight of you getting yourself off. You’re not angry, though. You’re actually turned on by the sight of your dad stroking his cock. You encourage him to keep jerking as you peel off your bra and panties and sit down again. Soon you’re masturbating again, fucking yourself with your fingers while he watches. You love the sight of his hand moving up and down his long shaft as much as he loves watching your fingers playing with your pussy. Soon you’re ready to come and you beg your daddy to come with you. It isn’t long before you both explode and you send your daddy back to his room so you can start your homework

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I haven’t played with my big black cock dildo in awhile and I was so horny I couldn’t wait to fuck myself with it. I ride it, bouncing up and down on that thick 9 inch black cock, letting it fill me up. I stop to fuck myself in doggystyle to hit my gspot better, and finally turn around and fuck my pussy hard until I cum!

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There are some times when you need to put things in your pussy that are not the standard objects you’d normally stuff yourself with… I really wanted to cool my cunt off, so I grabbed some ice and played with myself.My pussy sucked up those pieces quick! Instead of fucking myself with them, I start just pushing them in, letting them melt, and then releasing the water from between my lips. It feels so good! I use the hitachi on my clit to make my pussy extra warm while I pop the icy cubes inside

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It starts with her brushing against her thigh, hand moving up Piper’s body, caressing her breast and kissing her neck while you sit back and watch. They lightly brush against your cock, almost accidentally… They’re passionately kissing now, their hands wander your body, getting you ready for what’s ahead.Laura gives you a little glance, you see her smile as she breaks away from Piper. She goes to give a little kiss to the top of your cock, and Piper goes underneath to lick the bottom of your shaft and takes your balls in her mouth. Laura’s sucking you deeply, and you’re almost about to come — when they break away to feel each other’s bodies again, you can feel them enjoying making you squirm as you’re so close to the edge. A few more teases go by and you can’t hold back anymore. You feel the deep warmth surrounding your cock as you cum inside Laura’s mouth, and just as you’re done, Piper takes you for the last few drops

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Happy Halloween to you, this naughty nurse is really into you and your big cock! Watch as she teases and sucks you off until she knows you can’t take it anymore and rides you. She wants to tease and fuck you until you cum all over her tits, she’s taking very good care of you afterall.Contains: Realistic 8-inch dildo bj and hj. More dirty talk than usual, some cum encouragement. Riding cowgirl. Lots of teasing. Some spanking

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POV dick sucking and bounces up and down on a 8 1/2 in cock! takes it like a champ doggystyle hammered ending with showers of squirting!! juicy phat pussy is all it takes

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If You Lowly Males Are Looking For Royal Feet To Worship, Look No Further Because Russian Queen M And Princess Mindy’s Feet Are Simply Divine. Now Tribute, Nothing In Life Is Free

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JOI includes being bitchy, small penis mocking, talking to you as a (male) sub, and a cum countdown from 30.

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Join me in the shower, as I wash up & shave my pussy. Can’t help myself from playing once clean shaven ;)

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**Optimized for all mobile devices**~*Filmed in 4k and rendered to 1080p to give you a beautiful, high quality, and high definition video!*~I’ve combined beautiful agony with one of my favorite and most requested teases… Eye fucking!In this video I use my super seductive eyes to tease you. You’ll be dying to see below my perky tits by the end, if you can last that long, but you won’t. You’ll be left dreaming after witnessing my explosive orgasm.

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I tease you with my cute little soles right up in the camera, caressing them & rubbing them together, showing off my long legs & getting worked up, all while telling you how to rub your cock for me

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Violet is in a good mood again! Her new nail polishes just arrived & She’s so excited to try them out. They’re a cruelty free brand which is great because Violet only believes in being cruel to men, not animals.She chats a bit, here and there, while letting you watch Her pamper Her perfect little toes — Foot slaves, applications now being accepted! You shouldn’t just be watching — you should be doing all this for Her

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Star Nine’s obedient puppy (Cupcake SinClair) kneels before her mistress. She lubes Star’s shiny black latex top and rubs against her sheer, black, pantyhose. Star lubes her slave’s latex skirt, the slave’s ass exposed & begging for punishment. Star gives her an OTK spanking and a caning before allowing her to nuzzle her mistress’ nylon feet.Includes puppy play, otk spanking, latex, caning, pantyhose domination

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You have two problems, one is big and the other one is ridiculously tiny. Let me tell you just what your worth is according to size

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Daddy teaches me how to deep throat. So much gagging in this video. I was such a mess after this. My make up was ruined. In this video you will see me struggling to count to 5 slowly while i am all the way down on your cock, nose to the wall. I get a little better and am able to count all the way to 10. This was one intense deep throating lesson from daddy. xx

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