MCQ Inquiries to own Classification 12 Economics Chapter step 3 Development and you may Will set you back with Solutions

MCQ Inquiries to own Classification 12 Economics Chapter step 3 Development and you may Will set you back with Solutions

Manufacturing and you can Will cost you Group 12 MCQs Concerns that have Responses

Matter step one. For the production mode, production was a function of: (a) Rates (b) Factors out-of Design (c) Complete Expenditure (d) Nothing of those

Matter 2. The fundamental reason regarding doing work what the law states from Diminishing Returns is actually: (a) Deficiency of Activities (b) Incomplete Replacing between Products (c) Each other (a) and (b) (d) None of more than

Question 3. Which of after the shows you brand new short-manage design means ? (a) Law regarding Demand (b) Law from Adjustable Proportion (c) Efficiency to Size (d) Elasticity from Demand

Question 4. Long-focus on production form resembles: (a) Rules out of Consult (b) Laws off Increasing Yields (c) Guidelines out of Efficiency to Size (d) Elasticity out of Demand

Matter 5. In which phase away from design a rational producer likes to efforts during the try-work with production ? (a) Basic Phase (b) 2nd Phase (c) 3rd Phase (d) Nothing of those

Question six. Laws out-of changeable proportion demonstrates to you about three levels out-of creation. In the first phase away from design: (a) Both MP and you can AP rise (b) MP rises (c) AP Falls (d) MP was no

Concern 7. Of which day all the products of manufacturing may be altered ? (a) Short run (b) Long run (c) Very long run (d) Most of the around three

Question 8. Production function is expressed as: (a) Qx = Px (b) Qx = f(A, B, C, D) (c) Qx = Dx (d) None of these

Matter 9. And therefore things among following we discover in a nutshell-focus on production process ? (a) Fixed Items (b) Adjustable Activities (c) Both (a) and (b) (d) Not one ones

Question ten. The newest course hence develops first and you may just after are ongoing actually starts to cure is called : (a) Software (b) MPP (c) TPP (d) Most of these

Matter 11. Hence of your own adopting the are a great saurce regarding development ? (a) Home (b) Work (c) Capital (d) Most of these

Matter 12. Laws regarding variable proportion is comparable to : (a) Both brief-run and you may long run (b) Long-manage (c) adultfriendfinder app Short-work with (d) Very long-manage

MCQ Issues having Class twelve Economics Part step 3 Manufacturing and you can Costs which have Solutions

Concern 14. When the all products from production is actually enhanced of the same proportion and for that reason yields develops by the a heightened ratio than just it’s entitled : (a) Constant returns in order to measure (b) Coming down returns so you’re able to measure (d) A few of these (d) Not one ones

Concern 15. Which of one’s after the is roofed from inside the money prices ? (a) Regular Cash (b) Direct Costs (c) Implicit Pricing (d) A few of these

Matter 16. Hence of the pursuing the isn’t repaired costs ? (a) Top (b) Desire (c) Price of Brutal Question (d) Rent of your own Factory

Matter 17. On the escalation in design the difference between total cost and you can complete repaired cost: (a) Stays Lingering (b) Develops (c) Decrease (d) Each other Develops otherwise Reduces

Question 18. Changes in production quantity apply at: (a) Each other Repaired and you can Adjustable Pricing (b) Simply Adjustable Costs (c) Simply Repaired Cost (d) None of your own above

Concern 19. What will happen when design is shut down ? (a) Repaired Prices Expands (b) Adjustable Costs Refuse (c) Changeable Costs end up being no (d) Repaired Can cost you become no

Concern 20. The exact opposite term of chance costs try: (a) Financial Pricing (b) Balance Speed (c) Limited Cost (d) Average Pricing

Concern 21. Whenever mediocre cost is decreasing what reputation marginal costs possess while the than the average cost ? (a) MC > Ac (b) MC = Air conditioning (c) MC ? Air-con (d) MC ? Ac

Question 22. And this report of pursuing the is true ? (a) AC=TFC – TVC (b) Air conditioning = AFC + TVC (c) AC=TFC + AVC (d) Ac = AFC + AVC

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